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Podcast Episode #7 – Kav Temperley16/08/2016

Hey folks, episode 7 of “Good Evans, it’s a Bobcast!” with special guest Kav Temperley, (Eskimo Joe, Basement Birds) is now live here
I had intended to record one with Melody Pool while we were on tour but we kinda never quite found the time! Big thanks to Kav for coming in at the last minute and being so generous with his time.
I’ve also updated the soundtrack on Spotify.

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From the…14/08/2016

From the bottom of my exhausted heart thank you to everyone who made the decision to spend their Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday night with me over the last two weeks. It is an honour and a privilege to play and sing and chat at you and I hope that I was able to entertain. I had a bloody… read more

Bob Evans Car Boot Sale Album Art


“I think it can be easy to dismiss simplicity in any art form as being easy. I think that anybody who has experience in any art form knows that creating or expressing something in the simplest, clearest way possible can be a real challenge.” MIXDOWN

Bob Evans Tour A2_OSN_web


Hey everyone! So the SECOND WINNER of my Car Boot Sale tour competition is Genevieve Oomens who wrote “My fav song from the album changes every day, depending on my mood, but I love the anti-conservative politics of Matterfact and Ron Sexsmith makes me laugh out loud every time”. Okay, I know I said 25… read more